All things are corrupted and decay in time; Saturn ceases not to devour the children that he generates; all the glory of the world would be buried in oblivion, unless God had provided mortals with the remedy of books.

Richard de Bury, The Philobiblon, 1345

Bottega Fagnola

Bottega Fagnola is an artisan workshop for bookbinding, boxmaking, and paper and book conservation born in 1955 in the historical centre of Turin.

Starting from the traditional bookbinding, thanks to the skills and intuitions of Luciano Fagnola, Master bookbinder conservator of International renown, the laboratory has progressively expanded its knowledge and production to include boxmaking, fine and design binding, conservation and restoration of ancient books and prints, modern materials conservation and repair, design binding and art printing.

Thanks to this wide and cross-sectorial competence, the Bottega represents a unique and complete partner, able to satisfy the most varied and complex requests with its professionalism.

Customised jobs for demanding customers all over the world

Bottega Fagnola is able to carry out works on demand for clients with very different needs: private individuals, professionals (lawyers and notaries, but also photographers, graphic design and communication agencies), companies, bibliophile collectors and structures such as Libraries, Museums and Archives.
In addition to the consolidated catchment area of Turin and Piedmont, among its customers there are also Italian and European companies, enthusiasts, and collectors all over the world: Italy, France, Germany, the United States and Russia.
In the suggestive showcase in the historical centre of Turin, the workshop offers to the public a range of original products linked to the world of books and paper, ideal for an artisan gift full of personality Made in Turin.

Luciano Fagnola, together with his daughter Paola, collaborates with cultural associations and institutions for promotion, dissemination and professional training activities: workshops aimed at students, professionals or the general public; collaborations with established artists and young illustrators and graphic designers.

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